Posted by: Nancy | January 18, 2009



A New Business evolves slowly…

Halfway through the Kauffman Fast Trac program for entrepreneurship, I am developing the business plan for this new venture: Nancy Shawver Consulting.

I’ve documented my experiences and my work history in a resume, a dashboard, a summary. I defined the skills and expertise that I find fun, I’ve been (and continue!) researching how I can earn a living doing the things I love.  And now — after more than 20 years an executive in media and technology — I’m starting my own business.

I don’t intend for this blog to be all about me although some of it surely will be. There might be examples of lessons learned in my years with a Fortune 100 company and major metropolitan newspaper. I hope to capture some new learnings, some items that give me awe or stop me in my tracks. I’ll include things I’m exploring and I’ll always invite your thoughts and feedback.

In general, I expect the topics might cover:

  • Writing and reading
  • Messages and stories
  • Social media and technology
  • Authors
  • Pop culture
  • Strategy and change
  • …and generally anything that amuses me

Thanks for checking in on my journey. Hope you’ll find this interesting, helpful, fun. I welcome your comments.


Update:  Completed the Kauffman program — here’s my classmates, and here’s to entrepreneurs everywhere!



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