Posted by: Nancy | June 24, 2009

Just amazing

Two tech applications stopped me in my tracks — I just have to share. (Apologies if this is old news!)

newsmap sample1. Newsmap:  It’s a beta application that takes the continuously changing Google Newsfeed and visually displays the top stories, categorized by color. It can be filtered for a particular country and by category, like business or entertainment. Click on any headline and you can get to the story and understand it’s relative ranking in importance.  And you can customize the page for your own interests. Did I mention it operates in real time, changing as the news is updated?

It’s stunning.

Kudos to Marcos Weskamp who describes himself as: “a Design Engineer who has a deep interest in playing with and visualizing lots of data. He is a self-taught technologist who constantly investigates the fields of Interaction Design and Information Visualization.”

2. Prototype Experience. This is from Jeremiah Owyang at Web Strategy, who writes about the coming age of the Social Web, where personal information freely published is integrated into content, marketing and advertising producing a social context.

The example here promotes a new video game. What’s fascinating is that it pulls your own information from Facebook and populates the video game trailer with your photos, your friends, your quotes, your information. It puts YOU in the game.


If you click on the Prototype Experience link, you can try it yourself. You have to log in to Facebook or give it permission to get your information, and it takes a little bit of time.  It’s fascinating.

OK, I know I said only two but while I’m at it, I thought I’d add another one that I like.

3. Monitter.

This is yet another Twitter tool, but I like it because it is so easy and addictive. At the website, you are presented with a three-column view similiar to the appearance of TweetDeck.  The columns will follow Tweets based on location or topic.

Monitter shot

So it becomes an easy way to see what’s happening in Kansas City.  Or to follow a company, or a topic.  I’ve been watching the #IranElection feed here.

Nothing really earthshaking about this tool, but it is easy to use and hard to stop watching.

OK, enough. Back to work!

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