Posted by: Nancy | November 2, 2009

More real magic

3009056317_f1b08ecea0Raking leaves is one of the best ways I know to appreciate the season — there’s the shimmering sunlight, blue skies, leaves crunching and warping underfoot, others blowing all around. There’s the earthy scent, and the occasional whiff of leftover chimney smoke from early season blazes in indoor fireplaces. Some wistful scents, like pinyon.

Then there’s the ache the next day — sore legs, back and arms. Ah, it feels like life.

On my tentative run-walk, still attempting to let my stress fracture heal and strengthen, I stop under the ginko tree to pick up as many golden leaves as I can stuff into my pockets. They join the variety of pine cones and perfect acorns — but, alas, the buckeyes are nowhere to be found now. I bring back these little treasures for my own amusement (and for the cat, who likes to play with them). Usually they end up as decorations on the table.

They’re a little bit of nature brought home. Like a reminder of the feeling of this time of year.

I used to try to capture it as a child. Picking out the prettiest leaves, the brightest colors, the biggest spans, the most prominent veins. At home, I’d sort through them and then try to save them between sheets of wax paper, seared with the iron. Mostly unsuccessful, some were burned and others just faded. But every once in a while, it would be perfectly preserved.

For a moment.


The augmented type is getting more play; it seems almost daily there’s a new marketing gimmick or a new play with the technology. It’s kinda clever, kind of fun but not meaty enough. I know, we’ll get to more magic soon.

Till then, here’s a couple more examples of augmented reality. These a little more free-form, not necessarily telling a story, but setting a stage.

  • Several samples here, at the Technology Review.
  • A company to watch: Moving Brands with an interesting book cover
  • And a play on the Coraline AR pitch, but this time with a dollar bill and your own PC camera, from Burger King.

The season is changing, the new reality is coming.

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