Posted by: Nancy | December 28, 2009

The shock of the new

It was cold and rainy, leaves underfoot were slippery, and with the next step — BOOM — I was down.

Shocked, truly, to find myself sprawled and wet and suddenly aching. I couldn’t speak for a minute, I was so jarred.

And then I slowly understood — I’d slipped on the ceramic street tiles embedded in the sidewalk under the leaves. My cowboy boots were no match for all that slick stuff. I was bruised and shaken, but not broken and certainly not going to stop and linger.

Change hits us like that. And it takes time to absorb; sometimes you just have to let the bruise form to take stock of what happened, and what didn’t happen.

It’s a new year, which prompts taking stock and getting ready. Taking stock is a way of counting up the inventory you possess — customers, opportunities, friends, ideas, gratitude. Getting ready for the new year is preparing yourself for change — building up the flexibility and resilience to anticipate what might happen, or at least be strong enough and open enough to adapt.

I’m grateful to all the businesses who have entrusted me with their stories; I’m honored to be working with you. I’m grateful to the many friends who’ve given me support in this first year of business. I’m touched by your willingness to connect, to share, to listen, to guide me. I appreciate my generous colleagues and fellow entrepreneurs in the Kansas City chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators, who welcomed me so warmly. The National Association of Women Business Owners offered a bounty of smart and fun women; and I’m glad to be part of it, too.

And in the coming year, I want to do my part to give back the kindness and support that I received. I’m planning on expanding my horizons — video! audio podcast! art! bird-watching! — and other delights as I find them. I’m open to adventure, I’m willing to experiment and take a few chances.

Even if I fall.

Here’s to a grand new year!

Credit: SALADELLES, an extraordinarily talented photographer with beautiful images from nature — go visit:

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