Posted by: Nancy | September 18, 2010

Scenes from a journey

We’re on our way on a journey halfway around the world. Couldn’t help but laugh out loud…

Scene 1: There are probably about a hundred people clustered nearby the boarding gate, waiting for a long flight to LA.

The crowd is getting restless, wondering why boarding hasn’t begun yet. That familiar travelers’ dread emerges.

A frazzled clerk at the counter picks up the microphone: “Our flight is going to be delayed,” she begins.

Dismay is palpable. Some appear really distressed.

“I know many of you are headed to Maui tonight. As it stands now, we’ll be getting in at the same time you’re scheduled to depart…”

There’s a collective groan.

She tries to offer some hope. “Your departure gate is just two down from our arrival, and maybe if you can get off first you might be able …”

A man in uniform calmly makes his way to the front of the crowd and gets close enough to whisper something to her. She looks up and grins, and he quietly makes his way to the back of the throng.

“Well,” she says, looking out at the crowd for the first time, smiling, “as it turns out, the pilot for the Maui flight is traveling with you, so you WILL make your connection!”

Grins all around; some are applauding, a few hasten over to shake hands with the pilot.

Later, a few gates away we overhear others talking about what just happened, a legend already.

A happy ending for the Maui travelers; maybe an omen for a good day for travel.

Scene 2: My husband is fidgety; there’s something in his shoe bothering him.

After our first flight, we stopped at a Starbucks in the airport. He discreetly took off his shoe and sock, even turned it inside out.

A little while later, he’s still fidgety.

“Did you check the insole?” I ask.

To humor me, he takes off his shoe and puts his hand in. A look of amazement is on his face as he pulls out … A quarter!

No wonder his shoe felt funny! We cracked up laughing.

And we got a quarter out of the deal

Now onward, still laughing.

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