Posted by: Nancy | January 6, 2011

Loving your clients

When my friends have asked me about my business and what I like so much about it, it’s easy for me to say that I love my customers.

I mean it.

I’ve been privileged to get to know them, earn their trust and see firsthand their skills and challenges. And I’ve been privileged to be there with them, side by side, in most cases, working to achieve a goal that’s bigger than any one of us. And in that process, I’ve come to understand them, care for them, and yes, love them.

Here’s another example of what it means to love your customers.

It’s from the local Curves franchise in the Waldo neighborhood of Kansas City. I have seen  firsthand the way they have treated a “guest” customer, a temporary member.

My sister has spent the last six weeks visiting the Waldo Curves, usually four or five days a week. She’s gotten to know the women who work there, and it’s been an amazing thing to observe.

After all, it’s just a workout spot. A room with machines and stand-in-place exercise spots arranged in a circle, with lively music to keep everyone going from one station to the next — “change stations now” every 30 seconds or so. It could be so easy to be jaded or bored or condescending.

Yet, when she comes to workout in Waldo, she’s greeted with hugs and smiles! The crew knows her by name and knows how to talk with her, speaking to her directly so she can hear them. And they offer encouragement and laughter. It’s OK if she wants to sing along; they’ll encourage it!

It works. She feels welcome, at home there, and can hardly wait to go visit there each day.

This isn’t a gimmick. It’s real. The women care about her, and she cares about them. It’s a special place for her — just for her. I know it’s not about the money; they truly care about her and are happy when she’s happy there, too.

This is what loving your customers is all about.

She will always support the Waldo Curves, and I will encourage everyone I know to support this business too.

My thanks go out to Lisa, Halley, Karen, Beth and the other women who are there. I appreciate your warm welcome and support for my sister. It’s been a very important place for her to stretch her wings and gain confidence.

I’m inspired by your actions — you’ve given us such a great example of how to  love your customers.

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