Posted by: Nancy | January 22, 2011

A mystery…

It’s Saturday morning, seven inches of snow on the ground. Nothing on the calendar, so it’s OK to sleep in a little.

Then up, reading the paper with coffee and the cat.  Altogether a glorious morning.

Knock at the door. Huh?

It’s a delivery man, with a bright smile handing me a package: Have a great day, he says.

The package turns out to be an exquisite orchid in a lovely Asian style pottery bowl, simply arranged with Mexican heather blossoms. It’s breathtaking.

The card says “I hope you have a great day! Happy Birthday……”

(Oh yes, it IS my birthday.)

Then where the signature line should be:  Customer requests no name.

That’s it.

First amazement, then delight and wonder. Who could ask for a better gift? A beautiful surprise and a mystery, wrapped up in a thoughtful display.

A perfect birthday.

My thanks to you, whoever you are… My delight is that it could be any of you! Thank you.


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