Posted by: Nancy | March 13, 2011

Create, Do, Make: Maker Faire in KC


I saw my first crocus of the season yesterday — a tiny thimble-sized lavender-hued bloom, but unmistakable in its promise.

That’s how I think about Kansas City’s Maker Faire, coming June 24-25, to Union Station. An event of promise and optimism, a celebration of people who create things. Makers.

The focus is on doing, using our hands, minds, hearts to create. Instead of just the blind consumption that’s so often pushed as economic strategy — I don’t buy it. (Oops, sorry about that pun.)

The Maker Faire is a grassroots and inclusive opportunity, equally welcoming to robot-designers and bread-

makers, musicians and artists, quilters and craftspeople. It’s a celebration of the act of creating, making, doing.

Organizers promise diverse fare: Tesla coils, bicycles, do-it-yourself science, alternative energy cars, artisan foods, woodworking and rockets.

Check out the Maker Faire site and help spread the word. Let’s show off our creativity, our arts, our skills, our ideas at the edge of the possible.

Making is living.

See you there.

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