Posted by: Nancy | November 5, 2011


All of a sudden, in one day, every ginko tree in the city has turned bright, glorious yellow.

You can spot them from a distance. They stand out from the other trees, the copper of the oaks, the reds and oranges of the maples.

And one day soon, all at once, all the ginkos will drop their leaves, as though on cue.

It is the season of changes.


From my new window, I see a great flock of Canada geese and an occasional hawk.

I’ve been noticing the behavior of the geese. They are remarkably consistent. When one decides to go for a walk, the other usually fall in behind the leader.

When one decides to nose around in the grass for whatever tasty items, the others tend to do the same, in the same pose.

When one is startled and takes off, they all hasten to follow.

I know they are not popular with many, but they’ve been a joy to watch from my new window.


More changes coming soon. Including here, on these web pages.

I’m plotting a revision, as this business entity shifts to a new phase and a new scope. But not today. Today I’m content to amuse myself with the antics of the Canada geese and the lovely ginko.

Hope you too are having a wonderful season.

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