Posted by: Nancy | February 11, 2016

A Communicator’s Bookshelf

I recently attended a local conference for professional communicators and came away with nice list of books referenced by the experts.

I found it intriguing that the books reflected a broad range of topics — mythology, history, psychology, literature, science fiction. It was, I decided, a good way to show what communications is really all about.

So, here is the list of books I noted from our speakers at the  Business Communicators Summit, sponsored by the Kansas City chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (KC IABC). By way of full disclosure, I’m proud to be a member of the board.

Now, this is a “partial” list because it wasn’t possible to attend all of the breakout sessions. There may be a dozen more, and I welcome comments to round out my list.

I also thought about my go-to books, sources of inspiration and guidance. I’d have to add:  Envisioning Information (or anything by Edward R. Tufte), The Storytelling Animal by Jonathan Gottschall, and for breaking out with new ideas, thought experiments in Sum: Forty Tales From the Afterlives by David Eagleman.

I’m stopping here. The pile of books by my desk is now dangerous and I’m going to take a break to read some new ones and revisit some favorites.

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