You can learn more about me at my Linked In PROFILE.

Here’s some highlights from others who’ve worked with me.

Lyla Perrodin, The Perrodin Group; former CIO, MRIGlobal:

“Nancy has been invaluable to our team in providing writing and editing around key communications deliverables. She is flexible and responsive to our ever-changing requirements. She is a very quick study, working with our specialized technical staff and translating their language into business language. I highly recommend Nancy as a business partner.”


Jeff Stovall, CIO, City of Charlotte, NC; former Director, Sprint Nextel, worked directly with Nancy at Sprint (January 26, 2009):

“Nancy is one of the most deeply insightful executives I have had the pleasure to work with. She provided me with her own “playbook” for leading people through change during a merger/acquisition, and I never forgot how much it helped me in that assignment. Nancy has a core respect for people and ideas that is deeply rooted and an inclusive approach that is extraordinary. I can’t say enough good things about her as a leader and as a person; I highly recommend her without reservation.”


Gavin Pinchback ,  Director, Security, T-Mobile; former Sr. Employee Relations Consultant, Sprint, worked with Nancy at Sprint Nextel (July 7, 2006)

“Nancy is the best leader I know. She was VP, IT Outsourcing/Transformation when I supported her. She is fair, efficient, approachable, knowledgeable and thoughtful. Her team loved her as she focused on their needs while completing multiple strategic projects. She always uses the right management style for the situation. Her decisions are based upon her high moral standard as well as business need.”


Fred Schecker, Project Manager-Web,, Pew Center on the States, formerly Managing Editor, Electronic Media , The Kansas City Star; reported to Nancy at The Kansas City Star (July 14, 2008 )

“Nancy is the best boss I ever had. She taught me how to be a better manager and I credit much of my success to her tutelage. She is a creative problem solver and a strategic thinker who knows how to communicate her vision effectively and then motivate her team to execute and achieve superior results. She is a results-driven innovator who understands the importance of teamwork and I would work for her again in a heartbeat.”


Dennis Rudner, assistant sports editor, Las Cruces Sun-News; worked directly with Nancy at The Parkersburg News (January 18, 2009)

“I’ve known Nancy for nearly 25 years, and consider her one of the most influential people that I have ever worked with. I cannot think of another a writer, editor or planner who displayed the aptitude to succeed as much as Nancy. Although we only worked together for a couple of years, it was easy to see that her attention to detail and ability to communicate set her apart. She has shown the ability to handle a number of different challenges at the same time, and meet those challenges with enthusiasm, energy and success.”

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